Fashion Tips For Curvy Women: How Curve-Tastic Women Can Embrace Their Style

Women’s shapes are changing. There is no denying that in the Western World, the average sizes of women are bigger now then they were 40 years ago. But being a bigger size does not mean that you have to dress down or look frumpy. There are celebrity plus size models and rock stars that ooze glamour and sex apeal. Here are a few tips that can help you dress just right too

When we have curves or are self-conscious about a specific area, we usually tend to cover it up by wearing something quite loose. So we couple a loose top with a loose skirt. But rather than hiding the turkey rolls, we actually end up looking quite like a ham instead!

Combining Outfits To Flatter Your Curves

So the secret is this: wear a fitted item at the top OR bottom to flatter your curves and create some shape. In essence: if an item is fitted at the top then keep it looser at the bottom, and vice versa.

You might have a top and skirt that are both individually terrific, but worn together they just don’t work. If you wear a loose blouse with a loose skirt, you will lack shape.

Instead you need to choose a more fitted but not overly tight top with a looser skirt. Now you can instantly see your great curves, and yet nothing you wouldn’t want to show is visible. On the other hand, if you chose a loose blouse or top, you would want to make sure you had a more fitted skirt at the bottom or perhaps a pair of straight legged jeans.

Choosing Flattering Skirts

Another hurdle for many curvy women is to choose the right type of skirt that camouflages the main problem spots. These are usually hips, bum and thighs.

One of the most common mistakes is the notion that an A-line style skirt will help to cover hips and thighs. But be craeful, this is only true to a degree. Not all skirts are the same!

For example a bad skirt would be stiff and pouff out in to a wide, distinct A-line. It gets worse if the fabric doesn’t drop from the hips, or it has pleats that don’t sit well on your shape.

In contrast, a good A-line skirt would be made of a soft, floaty fabric that feels “weighty” but is not stiff. It would not be very wide and would not have gathers or any excess fabric. It should drop flatteringly from the hip

So whether you dress up for a special occasion like a date or a night out, or if you simply dress for the office or a casual day with the family, consider the these tips and stay looking curve-tastic!

Slimming Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

We all want to look our best, whether we’re short and slim or tall and heavier. Here are a few tips I’ve collected for plus size women that will help us look our best.


Choose pants that are long enough for you. If your pants are too short, it visually cuts the length of your legs. The longer your legs look, the slimmer they’ll appear.

Also choose pants that fit you well, not too tight or clingy. Fabrics that are too thin tend to cling to your legs and reveal bumps we’d rather keep out of sight.

Choose pants that are either boot cut, wider legged or flared at the bottom. The boot cut is slimming, while the wider cuts also add a slimming effect by keeping a visual straight line from our hips to our ankles. The worst choice would be a tight, tapered pant leg bottom as this enhances the width of your hips and thighs.

Capri pants are very slimming as well if they’re the right length. Choose a style where the bottom of the pant ends a few inches above your ankles but below the widest part of your calves.


Choose skirts that rest just above your knees. A mid-calf skirt cuts the length of your legs and draws eyes to the thickest part of your lower legs.

Again, proper fit is key here. Something too tight will visually enhance and draw attention to bulges that we’d rather not publicize. Also look for skirts that fit below the waistline if you have a thick waist.


A well fitted bra is a must for every woman. Not only to give support and comfort, but a too tight bra can pop out those back rolls like nobody’s business!

If your cup size is not too large, consider trying a sports bra for a comfier fit that has adequate support. No wires here ladies!


Choose darker colors for areas you don’t want the eyes to focus on and brighter colors for places you want to accentuate. Darker colors such as black and navy are very slimming and should be in every woman’s closet.

Dressing from head to toe in one color is also very slimming as it makes a person look taller. Matching your pantyhose to the color of your shoes and skirts helps achieve this look.


Stay away from large patterns and look for vertical stripes – thin is best. Thin stripes help give the illusion of length. Adding length helps give the illusion of a longer body, which helps you look thinner. Small, delicate prints can also be very flattering.


If your clothing is too tight, it accentuates and magnifies all flaws. If our clothing is too loose and baggy, we think we’re hiding our size but the opposite actually happens: we magnify our size.

So many tips to keep in mind when shopping for new clothes! But the key points to remember are proper fit and visually lengthening fashions. We have so many options now in plus size fashions that we can find exactly what works best for our body types.

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Dress To Impress With Comfortable Clothing For Plus Size Women

Many times people tend to equate fashion with thin models. And those who don’t seem to fit into that category tend to feel left out and discouraged. Not only was it tough for larger women to find plus size trendy clothing, it was also a hassle for them as they have to go from store to store trying to find something that actually fits. Here are a few encouraging tips for women out there who are keen to shop, look good and who want to impress at the same time.

Get Some Dressing Ideas

You could easily look online for any clothing for plus size women these days. So you might as well go online instead of walking around wasting time going from store to store. Make use of technology. Check out what is currently available right now and get some dressing ideas for yourself. That way, you will be able to narrow down your search on what you would like to see yourself in after seeing a whole range of plus size trendy clothing.

Don’t Be Limited By Size

This is basically one of the main things which I would like to encourage large women. Don’t be limited by your size. If you have difficulty locating the size for the clothing that you would like to wear, you could contact the online store or do a search online with any of the search engines. However, make sure you know what your body measurements are so that they would be able to check their inventory. You could mix and match the different types of clothing depending on your taste. From one shoulder mini dresses to short dresses. Whether you want to look professional, sexy or bold, there’s a tonne of variety out there for you to discover.

Comfortable And Trendy Is Important

While looking good enough to impress others is important, you need to make sure that whatever you are wearing is both trendy and comfortable. Body hugging clothing could accentuate your curves but we wouldn’t want you to suffocate wearing something too tight either. And please don’t wear something that is too short or too low cut either. Looking good will have a set of sensible boundaries.


So don’t be limited by what you currently have. Go ahead. Do something for a change. Get the clothing that you want and look good enough to impress anyone out there. Your size should not be a limitation. Enjoy the shopping process ladies!