10 Best Ideas About Skull Jewelry

Jewelry are some of the best accessories you can use to tweak your outfit and build your confidence. With the right pieces of jewelry, you can transform your outfit into something heavenly and make yourself fashionable even without spending lots of your money on top designer brands. There is a wide range of jewelry in the world and all you need is a little knowledge on how to fuse various pieces into your fashion style.

Some of the best and most trendy pieces of jewelry in the world are the skull jewelry. Skulls are not new in the fashion world. They were worn by ancient Aztecs and Egyptians. These pieces are still popular today because they are cool, trendy and have intricate designs that give your outfit a classic touch. If you love skulls then here are ten best ideas on what you should get yourself this season:

Use Sterling Silver Skull Pendant as a Statement Jewelry

The sterling silver skull pendants are gorgeous pieces of jewelry made from high-quality silver. The pendant is made with high-quality bronze that gives it a beautiful contrast. These pieces of jewelry come in a wide range of designs such as the Day of the Dead designs which make them perfect for you especially if you want to have the classic look.

Black Lucite Skull Earrings for the ladies

The Tarina Tarantino Lucite skull earrings provide an eerie classic look for any outfit you may think of. They are quite gorgeous and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. This gives you freedom to express yourself in a wide range of ways with different sets of outfits. They go with any signature style and will definitely make you look unique.

The good Old Nameplate Necklace design for a classic yet classy look

The Nameplate necklaces are made in the old English style which gives them an amazingly cool vintage feel. They are quality pieces made of solid yellow gold that not only makes them attractive but also quite long lasting. Made with a laser cut, the necklaces are quite beautiful and will make you look and feel cool.

Wear Gothic Skull Studs for a distinctively sinister style.

Often made from the attractive rhodium plated brass, gothic skull studs have a distinctive design that draws its inspiration from the dark world. They are unique, fun and flash studs that will give you an edge and make you stand out on special occasions.

Wear Silver Skull Necklace for a delicate look for the ladies

Skull necklaces are often used to show the world that you are indeed a badass. Well, ladies, you can show this is a more subtle way by wearing the silver skull necklaces. Made from rhodium plated’with silver or yellow gold, these necklaces are beautifully girlish and will make you look delicate yet quite stylish.

Wear Sugar Skull Studs for a loyal look

These gorgeous studs are made by the Sugar Bean Jewelry using black spinel attached on a gold plated base. The spinel is a beautiful gemstone similar to rubies and comes in either blue or red colors. This gives the studs a great look.

Gold Hammered Skull Rings for your bold special occasion

If you want to be bold with your fashion style then the Gold Hammered skull rings made by the Mercedes Salazar are the perfect match for you. The rings come in a wide range of colors and sizes which make them perfect for everyone.

Adorn Multi-Colored Pattern Skull Pendant necklaces to parties for a trendy look

Funky multicolored patterned necklaces add color and vibrancy to your outfit and this makes you shine and stand out from the crowd. They come in different sizes and suit both children and adults. They also come in different colors to suit just any outfit.

Gold Plated Skull Bracelet as a class statement

These skull necklaces are tastefully made to bring out the rock star in you. They are often made with a fine chain that makes them quite appealing. Wearing one with a gold chain will not only make you attractive but will put you in a class above the rest.

Use Sakura Skull Ring as statement jewelry

The Sakura skulls are made by King Baby from high-quality sterling silver to give you an edge. These pieces of jewelry are very popular with celebrities nowadays because they are uniquely beautiful and quite attractive. Their high quality means that they are quite durable and can be very versatile.

Skulls are popular pieces of jewelry these days. If you want to look stylish in them then consider the ten ideas outlined above.

Pashmina Shawls, Stylish Fashion Accessories And Perfect Gift Ideas

Pashmina shawls were first heard of in the Mahabharata era, which is an old Indian civilization dating back to around 3100 BC. All of these centuries later they are still a great fashion accessory for men and women. Why? Because apart from being stylish and attractive they are known to be strong yet delicate and warm but elegant.

Wool Collection

The history of the Pashmina is associated with the Tibetan people, who used to trade with Europe. The Himalayan Mountain’s goats called Capra Hirus are famous for providing this soft luxurious wool. Goats in the Himalayas are also known as shawl or Cashmere goats. This specific goat is found only in the areas of the Kashmir region, and famous as ‘cashmere’ in the West. The features of Pashmina wool are very unique and said to be six times finer than human hair. Because the wool is very delicate it has to be taken from the densely outer coat of the cashmere hair and mainly woven by hands.


Pashmina shawls have a wide range of styles, colours and patterns to choose from. All of those options make them very elegant when seen amongst other wool products. Men and women across the world wear Pashmina as a fashion statement and many consider the shawls or scarves to be one of their most liked and preferred accessories in their wardrobes.

Flexible Fashion

The best thing about Pashmina scarves is that they can be worn as an accessory to all type of clothes.

Business: One can be worn to soften a plain business suit or dress it up for evening wear.

Social: For formal or informal social events a luxurious shawl can look stunning, elegant and add that little something extra. Going to a Christmas or birthday party straight from work? Just add a pashmina to dress up your work outfit.

Casual: Even with a simple jeans and casual shirt outfit they look trendy and chic.

Stage: They are even popular wear amongst male pop stars, on and off the stage.

Weddings: For summer weddings they are perfect to make your outfit look more special. For winter weddings they add grace to your outfit and keep out the chill.

Wearing One

There are several ways that you can wear a shawl; you can drape one round your shoulders, round your neck or round your lower arms, even round your waist instead of a belt.

Some Top Gift Ideas for Fashion Conscious Men

Coming up with gift ideas can be difficult, and it can be especially tricky to find the perfect present for the men in your life. Whether it is your husband or boyfriend or a family member or friend, getting it right can be a real challenge. However, a lot of modern guys are now just as into clothes and styling as women are, so if the man in your life is something of a snappy dresser, coming up with the ideal gift could be easier than you think. Here are some top ideas for treating a fashion conscious guy:


Unless you are dealing with someone who lives in jeans and t-shirts, you can’t really go wrong with a good quality, perhaps designer shirt in his size and style. Most shirts are sold by neck size, so you may need to do some detective work to make sure you get the correct size, but some brands do retail in the far easier to guess Small, Medium, Large type sizes. Have a look at the brands, styles and colors he wears and buy something that truly fits with his taste, and he will appreciate the thought and understanding you put in. The gift should be something he will love, not something you want to see him in, so be guided by his individual taste and style, not your own, and you can’t go wrong.


A lot of men wear fragrances now, and there are countless different ones on the market by all sorts of designers and even celebrities. If you know he likes a certain fragrance and wears it all the time, consider a gift set which will contain other fragranced products like body washes or shaving products, and which can work out cheaper than buying a big bottle of a designer scent, especially if you know he already has some. Otherwise, try out a few different and popular ones in store and if in doubt ask the sales staff for advice, they will know what is in fashion at a given point in time and will be able to choose something that suits his lifestyle, whether he is smart and corporate or sporty and active.


Classic gifts like ties may seem a little old fashioned, but if the man you are buying for wears a tie to work then a beautiful and luxurious silk tie could be a great gift. Similarly, scarves can go down well in winter, particularly if they are made of expensive top end materials such as cashmere, as can leather gloves. For smartly dressed men, cufflinks can be a good option, and come in all sorts of eye catching or subtle designs at all different price points (from cheap fashion ones from high street retailers to luxury brands like Tiffany’s). Tie pins can also be a nice choice for a man who lives in a suit.

If you understand your guy’s taste then finding something he will love shouldn’t be too hard, but if you are unsure, simply have a look at the brands he wears and talk to the advisers in store, who will be happy to show you some different pieces and help match the gift to the man.